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Growing up, my mother turned every possible moment into a celebration. Some of my fondest memories are of the joy and creativity she'd pour into any given situation. Whether we were playing school, hosting a party, or enjoying a family cookout, she was the one person who could turn a boring situation into full-out belly laughs and unbridled joy.


Clearly, she sparked that same passion for cultivating joy within me. As a certified wedding planner, nothing gives me a greater sense of accomplishment than seeing the look on my clients' face when unveiling an event space or as the doors swing open giving way to a floral draped aisle with their partner waiting patiently at the end. Knowing that I played a small role in taking what was in their head and giving them the chance to live it out in real life is why I started Celebrations By Tiffany in March of 2019. 


When an event is done right, it creates treasured moments my clients will happily tell their grandchildren about for years to come.


I'd be honored to plan your next event and all that follow.

CEO & Chief Curator of Luxe Experiences

Tiffany and her staff did an amazing job on my “baby pumpkin” drive by baby shower. She understood every aspect of my vision! If you’re looking for a planner who is reliable, flexible and creative, then look no further and book her!!!


FUN Facts


Wanna get everyone up on the dance floor and watch your wedding planner shake sum'n? Play Booty Work by T-Pain.


A perfect day for me would be waking up on the water with breakfast at my bedside, Netflix and chilling with the kids taken care of and a few adult beverages. Any volunteers?


My favorite quote is: "She believed, she did,

she could."

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